01. Living on the [coast], we can buy lots of fresh fish.
02. The hiking trail follows the [coast] for about 20 miles.
03. The Titanic sank off the [coast] of Newfoundland after hitting an iceberg.
04. Parts of the west [coast] of Oregon are quite wild and untouched.
05. Canada has the longest [coastline] of any country in the world.
06. [Coastal] areas have been the hardest hit by the storm.
07. They live on the [coast] of Oregon and usually spend their weekends kayaking in the Pacific Ocean.
08. We serve only fresh fish from local [coastal] waters.
09. They sailed up the [coast] of California for a week.
10. The oil spill has spoiled beaches all along the [coast].
11. He rode hard to the top of the hill and then lifted his feet off the pedals and [coasted] all the way down the other side.
12. The car wouldn't start, but we were able to [coast] down the hill to a gas station.
13. It is illegal to turn your engine off and [coast] down hills in your car.
14. We just [coasted] down the coast of Oregon and California for the two weeks we were on holiday.
15. Team USA [coasted] to an easy 4-0 win over the Russians in the opening round of the tournament.
16. Since they won the championship last year, the team has just been [coasting], and few players seem to be making any real effort.
17. He's such a bright guy that he was able to [coast] through all his courses with very little effort and still get excellent marks.
18. She has been [coasting] on the reputation of her company for a long time, but sooner or later she's going to have to work a bit harder to keep her clients.
19. She comes from a little village on the southern [coast] of Okinawa.
20. Canada's east [coast] is actually closer to London, England than to its own west [coast].
21. The world's largest bird colony is found on the islands off the [coast] of Peru.
22. There are more than 35 countries in the world which have no ocean [coastline].
23. The tiny nation of Monaco is located on the southern [coast] of France, near the Italian border.
24. In 1847, California's [coastal] city of Yorba Buena officially changed its name to San Francisco.
25. Some people call the west [coast] of Canada the "wet [coast]", but I prefer to think of it as the "best [coast]".
26. Long after leaving the [coast], she still missed the smell of the ocean.
27. He flipped over while kayaking along the [coast] and almost drowned.
28. The ferry was bound for a small island off the [coast] when it sank in a storm.
29. The U.S. has a two-hundred-mile boundary extending off its [coasts] to protect its fishing rights.
30. Europeans began to colonize the west [coast] of Canada after it was "discovered" by Captain Cook.
31. The population of Australia is concentrated along the island nation's eastern and southeastern [coasts].
32. Toxic waste was dumped along Nigeria's [coast] in the late 1980s.
33. When Columbus landed on the [coast] of Honduras, he encountered the descendants of the great Mayan civilization.
34. Arab colonies exported spices and slaves from the Kenyan [coast] as early as the 8th century.
35. In January of 1502, Portuguese explorers landed at a harbor on the [coast] of South America and named the site Rio de Janeiro, meaning River of January.
36. The old highway hugs the [coast] for about twenty miles before turning inland.
37. Gray whales migrate down the [coast] of our state every year.
38. Cancun has become the premier tourist destination on the Mexican [coast].
39. From 1960 to 1990, the population in the United States' [coastal] areas increased from 80 to 110 million.
40. The east [coast] of Mozambique, and the west [coast] of the nearby island of Madagascar look as if they could fit together like puzzle pieces.
41. Gray whales live in shallow [coastal] waters of the eastern North Pacific.
42. The [coastline] of the Atlantic Ocean sinks about four inches every 100 years.
43. Wave action is the major agent of erosion along [coastal] areas.
44. Isaac Bickerstaffe once wrote, "How happy is the sailor's life, from [coast] to [coast] to roam; in every port he finds a wife, in every land a home."

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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